Survival Strategies: Research (pt 3)

Besides the visual communications Eden themselves used to evoke inter-connectedness, I was interested to witness this survival strategy in action in the lifeforms in and around the site itself.

  • Lifeform directly supported by another lifeform: ‘symbiosis’
  • Lifeform supported indirectly by another lifeform e.g. benefiting from the death of another, or picking up scraps.

Direct Connection/Support: Epiphytes

Within the rainforest biome, I observed an interesting type of plant known as ‘epiphytes’ – ones that use other plants for support and do not themselves require soil, and are not parasitic.

Here some epiphytes growing off a tree trunk, fallen across the base of a waterfall in the Rainforest biome at Eden Project, 09/2019
Here another fallen trunk covered in epiphytes – here we can see the trunk is covered in moss and tendril-like roots

These plants are supported in a literal sense, as they are suspended in the air by the trunk on which they grow. That they grow on the trunk but are not parasites is particularly interesting. In both of these photographs I like how vibrant and full of energy the plants look, with their spiky forms and vivid green colours.

Epiphytes, Felt tip and pencil on paper, 09/2019
Study of epiphyte roots detail, pencil on paper 09/2019

Author: Sophie Green

I'm studying a Foundation in Art & Design at Oxford Brookes having previously studied Philosophy and worked in the Market Research industry

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