Survival Strategies: Research (pt 4)

Direct Connection/Support: Lichen

Lichens are interesting to the idea of inter-connectedness and support for several reasons:

  • Lichens are communities of fungi, algae and other bacteria which support each other – fungi provide a home and minerals, algae convert sunlight to food.
  • Lichens can survive in all kinds of hostile conditions – on mountain tops, the coast, tropical forests and limestone pores under the ice in Antarctica
  • Many birds use lichen for nest building to help them camouflage
  • Some insects such as Markia hystrix (a grasshopper in south america) live in and on lichen.

I observed various instances of lichen growing on other lifeforms around the Eden Project. I particularly like their textural contrast.

Pencil on paper sketch of lichen on tree branch stump 09/2019

Author: Sophie Green

I'm studying a Foundation in Art & Design at Oxford Brookes having previously studied Philosophy and worked in the Market Research industry

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